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4 liter/1 gallon pump dispenser sold separately.


Refreshes the skin, soothes redness and helps to restore the skin’s natural pH level. Soothing, astringent and purifying effect. Formulated with allantoin, zinc, chamomile, cucumber, and calendula. Highly recommended for use in aesthetic, microdermabrasion and electroepilation treatments.


Skin Type
All skin types. Face and body.


Main Active Ingredients

• Allantoin: calming, regenerating, moisturizing, protective
• Zinc sulphate: regenerating, antioxidant
• Rosemary: antiseptic, stimulating, invigorating, regenerating
• Thyme: astringent, regenerating, antiseptic
• Cucumber: astringent, reduces redness, refreshing
• Bisabolol: soothing and calming (effect). Relieves skin hypersensitivity.
• Calendula: calming, antiseptic, decongestive, regenerating
• Lemon balm: sedative, refreshing, antiseptic



Apply on gauzes after irritating treatments (electrolysis, microdermabrasion, etc.) in order to refresh and soothe the skin. Promotes regenerating and restores pH level. May generate a tingling sensation due to its astringent and balancing action. Positive ionization. Apply on the skin after cleansing milk or mask. May be used with an electric steamer (Lucas).


Apply on the skin after cleansing milk or gel. Refreshes the skin and restores pH level.
Apply on gauzes on the eyes for a decongestive and invigorating effect.


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